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Whether your brand and product designs or specifications are 100% ready and available or not, we are able customize our service and product to match your exact needs.

With our very strong R&D and Brand Management teams we aim to provide you with an optimal solution in terms or both time and cost and ultimately with a professional product in terms of brand perception and quality. Needless today, Francia Cosmetics strive towards 100% customer and end-user satisfaction.

French partnership

French partnership

Francia Cosmetics is a Franco-Vietnamese joint venture aimed at combining the competitive advantages of two nations together, first class raw materials and technology with competitive production costs. Our products are manufactured in Vietnam under Vietnamese management applying knowledge, technology, equipment and raw materials from France.

strong R&D

strong R&D

Francia Cosmetics R&D team and our marketing team are continually working to find new trends and develop new trendy and also sustainable products. Working in close cooperation with you, we can innovate on your behalf and help keep your brand in the lead.


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Formulated with care

To Francia Cosmetics, it is imperative that each and every product leaving our production line is perfect. Starting with the very selection of chemical constituents and also how our products are formulated we offer a range of solutions to ensure the stability of the products shipped to you.

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